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Remarkable Trees Working Group

This sub-committee / Working Group, in his actual form, Has been officially set in place in 1993. It maintains the legacy of famous predecessors : C.F. Denecourt (from 1839), followed by Ch. Colinet, then by his wife who kept with their register « old barks» more than 450 remarkable trees which appeared in their last  guide/indicator published in 1921. 

From 1993 to 1998, the Working Group set a program of forest prospection as thourough as possible in the fontainebleau Forest. This ended with an elective visit of the selected trees by ONF and AFF together in order to set the final inventory. The AFF could then edit and publish their famous « Guide des Arbres Remarquables du Massif Forestier de Fontainebleau » (80 species et 935 trees). It has been regularly updated and republished since. 

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Photo : L.R. Theurot

Role : An inventory of the remarkable trees, living beings, is by nature evolutive. Hence the following missions have been given to the Working Group :

- continue the search of remarkable trees, maintain the protected trees and their blue spot, by cutting the vegetation around them and preserving their environment.  

- Keep the list of the Remarkable Trees Candidates to replace old trees, either dead, or deperishing, or victims of hurricanes, or cutted accidentally.
- update the inventories 

- publish regularly the updates about the remarkable Trees on the website of the AFF

Functioning : - The Workibng Group works in tight cooperation with ONF. 

- It is an active member of the Committee Piloting the inventory of the arbres remarkable trees in Seine et Marne under behalf of the Council for Architecture, Urbanism and Environment (CAUE77).

- It reports its works regularly at the Field Committee.  


           Contact :  the working group president, Louis-René Theurot by e-mail at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.